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Clive Black
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Photo credit: Enzo Barracco

Clive started his career as an office junior for Island Records but moved quickly into the world of A&R. He was at EMI between 1983-1992 and WEA between 1993-1995.  Key signings include Mark Morrison, Marc Almond, Babylon Zoo and Eternal. By 1995, at just 31, he became Managing Director at EMI.

During his time at EMI Records, Clive oversaw an incredible array of superstars: Diana Ross, Whitesnake, Kate Bush, Kratwerk to name just a few.  He also set up dance label Positiva.  But by 1997 he had the opportunity to do something different by going out on his own and Blacklist Entertainment was founded later that year, as a joint venture with Edel (ending with a management buy-out of the latter by Blacklist Entertainment).  

Over a hugely successful career, Clive has signed and released over a dozen number one singles in the UK, including 'Return of the Mack' by Mark Morrison, 'Spaceman' by Babylon Zoo, 'Something’s Gotta Hold Of My Heart' by Marc Almond, 'Wanna be the Only One' by Eternal, 'Sleeping Satellite' by Tasmin Archer and 'Thunder In My Heart' by Meck feat. Leo Sayer. 


Clive has worked with a variety of artists including Kate Bush, Sir Cliff Richard, Kraftwerk, David Coverdale, Afrika Bambaata, Lee Scratch Perry, Don Black, Robert Palmer, Robbie Williams and The Game.

Jayne Meegan
General Manager

Jayne's 30 year career in the music industry started in the 1990s working at EMI.  During this time she has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operating of numerous departments with a clear focus on teamwork.  Her unflappable style of organisation and ability to bring artists, production teams, marketing & PR professionals together is widely respected.  No wonder, then, that she has been at the heart of Blacklist Management since its inception. 


From her early days of working with Clive Black, at EMI, and a dazzling array of some of the world's greatest musical talents, Jayne has ensured that everything always goes smoothly.   From co-ordinating recording sessions to pulling budgets together, deciphering contracts with lawyers, to arranging for backing artists and getting the finished results over to Top of The Pops (in its heyday) she is always quick to see, and act on, what needs to be done. 


Jayne's roles include 'leading the charge' for Blacklist Live Events where she arranges spectacular grand occasions for high net-worth individuals, charities and businesses. She is the safe, experienced pair of hands that always ensures that 'the show must go on.'


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