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European Representative For Primary Wave

The world-leading independent publisher of iconic & legendary music

Clive Black joins Primary Wave in the UK to focus on catalogue acquisitions of 'Iconic and Legendary Song Writers.'

Veteran British music executive Clive Black has joined Primary Wave Music in the UK. He is responsible for a $100million fund for European catalogue acquisition, partnerships and joint ventures.

His remit is to focus on catalog acquisitions of “iconic and legendary song writers” for the Primary Wave IP Fund 3 and its huge 'war chest'.

Clive has previously worked with Primary Wave heading up the company’s UK office back in 2012 when Primary Wave expanded into the market.

"It's great to have him as part of our team, providing a platform where his vast experience can flourish." Larry Mestel, PRIMARY WAVE MUSIC

Clive's career in the music business started at the age of 16, when he started work as an office junior at Island Records. He soon moved into the world of A&R, joining EMI Records as an A&R Manager and within a few years he was promoted to Director of A&R at the label. He continued this role at Warner Music until 1995.

During both periods, Clive signed acts as diverse as Afrika Bambaataa, Mark Almond, Eternal, Mark Morrison, and Babylon Zoo.

Clive then created the Postiva dance label within EMI and returned to EMI as Managing Director in 1995 where he worked closely with several superstar acts including Diana Ross, Sir Cliff Richard and Kate Bush.

By 1997, Clive had personally signed and released seven No.1 singles in the UK by six different artists. When he left EMI, he set up two companies, Blacklist Entertainment and Blacknight, with Sir Cliff Richard.

As Chairman of Blacklist, Clive struck up a label deal with edel Records in the UK, signing several artists across the UK and Europe. He also created another dance label within edel called Free2Air Recordings.

In June 2004, Clive completed a management buy-out of both edel UK and Free2Air Recordings, giving him ownership of both companies.

In 2008, he was appointed Manager of record producer Trevor Horn and decided to base Blacklist within the legendary Sarm Studios, owned by Horn and HQ to the SPZ group of companies.

Clive continued to secure projects for Horn including Robbie Williams and it was not long before Horn appointed Black to the helm of his 13 companies as President of SPZ.

In 2011 Black left SPZ to re-start Blacklist Entertainment and continues to do all his business under the Blacklist Entertainment umbrella, including several consultancy deals as either a business advisor or as an A&R executive.

"Larry, and the Primary Wave team, is something that I am extremely excited about. I hope I will be able to add value to the wonderful organisation Larry has built up since we last worked together, some 12 years ago." Clive Black - BLACKLIST ENTERTAINMENT

Following a busy and hectic period after the curtailment of the pandemic, Blacklist Live Events, run by Jayne Meegan, is very active and taking on numerous bespoke projects around the world over the next 12 months.

Clive also manages his father, legendary lyricist Don Black, and recently concluded a new deal with Sony Music for Don.

Most recently, Clive has been focused on producing “REHAB The Musical”, written by his brother Grant Black and Poet Murray Laughlin Young. It opens, in London, September 2022.

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